5 Best Saltwater & Reef Aquarium Forums for a Beginner

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So you’re new to the marine tank hobby and you seek an online community with knowledgeable members who can answer your ever-growing number of questions.

Let me tell you, participating in a saltwater aquarium forum with people who share your passion can be extremely rewarding. There, you could share the progress of your reef tank or see other people’s experiences which can greatly improve your learning process (aside from reading blogs like mine).

Anyway, let’s get started.

Here’s a list of, what I think are, the best saltwater aquarium forums for beginners in the hobby:

Reef2Reef Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

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Reef2Reef is the most active online forum for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts and is one of the best places for a beginner who seeks interaction with passionate hobbyists.

The Reef2Reef community has a wealth of knowledge and a ton of day-to-day visitors that could offer help or advice.

Moreover, some of Reef2Reef’s members have been in the reef keeping hobby for multiple decades (looking at you, Paul Baldassano).

This forum is more focused on looking after reef tanks and their peculiarities such as choosing the right lighting for your corals, for example.

However, people with Fish-Only setups who have just started out are more than welcome to join in the discussions.

In fact, you could discuss any topic related to saltwater aquariums and you’ll find someone with extensive experience to chime in.

Author’s note: Though this online community is very friendly towards beginners in the hobby, doing some research before posting a question is encouraged.

Anyway, the website itself has a neat look to it, and there are daily polls to keep you entertained when you’re not discussing reef tanks.

All in all, if you don’t like having multiple accounts on different forums and want to choose just one – go with Reef2Reef.com.

HumbleFish Forum

humblefish homepage
The HumbleFish forum is not as large as any of the others listed here, but it is very active and I’m including it for a particular reason.

See, this online community is owned by Bobby Miller, who’s more popular with his nickname – HumbleFish.

Bobby is very knowledgeable about common nasty diseases that plague the average saltwater aquarium.

For example, the common issues that result in tiny white spots appearing on your fish, but not only.

Moreover, the threads on Reef2Reef about Marine Ich treatments and treating Marine Velvet are just a few examples where HumbleFish is a respected contributor.

Anyway, the HumbleFish Forum is one of the best online communities where you could ask questions about sick marine fish.

Bobby and other reef-keeping veterans are pretty active in there and you’ll likely have your query answered in no time.

Nano-Reef Aquarium Community

nano-reef homepage
The Nano-Reef forum is obviously centered around looking after and keeping nano reef tanks.

The community there is going strong ever since the forum was created and, same as with Reef2Reef, is full of experienced hobbyists.

Evergreen topics such as what saltwater fish would fit in a nano tank and the reef-safe algae eaters that remain small are frequently discussed on the Nano-Reef forum.

Note that you don’t need to pursue a reef tank to participate – everyone with a nano saltwater aquarium is welcome, even if it’s a bare-bottom one.

Just keep things nano-related and you’ll fit right in.

Ultimate Reef

ultimatereef homepage
Ultimate Reef is an online forum that’s fairly active, but its user base is not as large as the other, more popular reefing communities.

Nevertheless, there’s a good amount of information to be found on this website.

There are also enough people with experience that could answer the question of a beginner.

Having an Ultimate Reef account is a good way to diversify the audience of your questions and to get an extra opinion on things.

Reef Central Online Community

reef central homepage
Reef Central is what you would call the original mainstream forum for reef keeping.

Back in the day, it was the most popular online community and everyone interested in the hobby would hang out there.

However, years later, it’s become very inactive and much of the information there is considered outdated.

For this reason, I’m only including it as an honorable mention.

Some people say that the questionable moderating policies of Reef Central lead to its downfall.

Whatever the reason may have been, it’s true that most of the knowledgeable people it used to gather have moved to other, more user-friendly, saltwater aquarium forums.

The caveat of online forums

Though forums can be a great place to gather some extra knowledge for your journey to a successful saltwater tank, I’d say there are some caveats to the whole idea.

I would advise you to watch out for the hivemind syndrome.

That’s a made-up term that symbolizes the tendency of community members to agree with each other without critical thinking.

Simply put, if you ask a question online and the first two people who reply in your thread are on the same opinion then it is very likely that the following inputs will match that opinion.

Unfortunately for you, what they’re saying may not necessarily be the truth, or even what is generally agreed upon in the hobby.

Why this happens is a whole separate topic but what’s important is how it affects you.

Sometimes you’ll be fortunate enough to stumble upon a very experienced forum user.

However, at other times, someone who just appears credible but has no actual experience or knowledge on the subject may chime in.

Basically, what you want to do as a beginner in the hobby is to always do your own research and to fact-check what is said in these forums, if possible.

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