About AQUAnswers and Momchil

I’m Momchil and fishkeeping is my life. Aquanswers is a blog about freshwater and saltwater fish where I share inspiration, tips & ideas for your aquarium.

My Goal with Aquanswers

I established AQUAnswers.com in 2018 because I wanted to share my fish keeping experience and, most importantly, HELP the aquarist community.

What I strive to achieve with this website is to provide an encyclopedia with well-researched and correct advice for both beginner and advanced aquarists.

AQUAnswers covers all kinds of topics with the main focus on freshwater aquariums, saltwater fish, and reef tanks.

Occasionally, I will also write reviews about aquarium equipment in order to clear common misconceptions or help with guidance whoever may need it.

Who’s the author behind AQUAnswers?

Momchil is the founder and author of AQUAnswers.

He has over 13+ years of experience in keeping home aquariums. In the first 5 years, he only kept freshwater fish and the occasional high-tech planted tank. Later on, he transitioned to looking after saltwater aquariums and reef tanks.

Another thing you should know about Momchil is that at one point he was managing aquariums professionally.

Some of Momchil’s best articles:

You can browse through all of Momchil’s articles by visiting his Auhtor profile.

A short recap of my story

For the personal aspect of things, I’ll stop talking about myself in 3rd person since (shocker!) I’m not royalty or something like that.

So basically besides fishkeeping, I’m into trying to learn new musical instruments and languages. Consequently, I have learned precisely 0 new instruments and languages so far.

This is because I always seem to find some form of instant gratification to dabble into instead of putting in the work and getting long-term results in something that matters.

The only two things I kind of manage to stay on track with are this blog and working out. And let me address something since I know the heaps of diehard readers of Aquanswers are going to mention it:

If I haven’t published on the blog in a while it means that I’m relentlessly updating old articles. Plus, I take an actual 1-month break once a year.

Anyway, one last random fact about me would be that both my parents are Bulgarian (hence my name may sound weird to you).

What quality standards does my content meet?

What helped me build my skills and confidence throughout the years was my ability to do proper unbiased research.

I am fairly obsessive when it comes to doing something the right way, so I made sure to learn as much as possible about keeping healthy pet fish, aquatic plants, or corals.

Though I rely on my expertise each time I write an article for AQUAnswers, I also make sure to do extensive additional research.

I go through books, discuss the subject with other experienced people to gather more information and try my best to back up my claims by citing what I assume to be reputable sources.

I believe that this way of quality writing benefits the readers of AQUAnswers the most.

What I’d ask of my readers?

Writing for AQUAnswers is hard work.

Though I have a burning passion for fish keeping, writing does take a considerable amount of my time and energy.

Some of my longer articles took nearly one month to put together.

For this reason, I would like to ask for some of my readers’ help:

If you’ve found anything that was really helpful to you on this website – share it! Share that article with your friends, aquarist communities, on Pinterest, Facebook, or your personal website.

AQUAnswers has its own Pinterest and Facebook pages too! You can check and follow them both for some cool images that you can save in your own Pinterest profile.

Anyway, if you need more answers or would like to request an aquarium-related topic to be covered – leave me a comment!

Sharing the information provided here helps me and AQUAnswers tremendously.

Keeping things going

This website and the concept behind it are possible thanks to you – the reader.

You should assume that most product links I leave are likely affiliated. This means that if you order through them I get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

This helps to keep AQUAnswers.com up to date and running.

I should also point out that I would never recommend aquarium gear that I don’t like or trust. I only include items that I think are best at what they do.

Contact me anytime

If you have a specific question related to one of the articles on Aquanswers, make sure to leave a comment in its comment section. It’s easier for me to answer comments, plus other readers will likely benefit from our discussion there.

I will try to answer any and all questions about aquarium husbandry or keeping fish in general.

If there’s anything else you’d like to talk about, please contact me at aquadmin[at]aquanswers.com.

I try to reply as quickly as possible to all of my readers’ emails but that generally depends on how many I’ve received that day.