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Ever since I started this blog just a little over a year ago my goal was to provide the best possible advice on fish keeping. I have posts that go quite in-depth on advanced topics and some that are more general, thus appealing to the beginner hobbyist.

It has been a very fun journey so far. Naturally, some articles stood out and have generated some serious interest over time.

In this post, I’d like to share what my readers have found to be the most interesting throughout our mutual journey.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Top 5 Reader Favorites from Aquanswers in 2022 is geared towards both beginner and advanced aquarium keepers. I have experience in keeping both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks and try to provide content for both worlds. However, the below selection is based on the numbers and not on the type of content.

Here are the top 5 reader favorites from

#1 The Coolest & Prettiest Freshwater Aquarium Fish for a Colorful Tank

cool looking freshwater fish

Obviously, there are too many species of freshwater fish around the world so a nifty list of the coolest ones would come in handy.

This is actually a great resource even if you already have an established aquarium because I made sure to include some less-known gems in there.

The article focuses on the two main aspects of aquarium fish aesthetics – physical features and diverse coloration. There are some really exotic-looking fish that you can keep at your home fish tank, that are actually easy to care for.

In the article, I also give pointers on how to build a certain color scheme with contrasting fish and surroundings for a maximum impact on the overall view.

Click the link above, if you would like to take your fish tank a step further and make it even more interesting and entertaining for you and your home guests.

#2 19 Aquarium Hair Algae Eaters for a Spotless Tank

best algae eaters for aquarium

Fighting off aquarium hair algae is an on-going topic in fish keeping, so naturally, this article became popular. It’s a pretty lengthy post because I really wanted to provide as much info as possible, given how diverse algae species can be.

I’ve made sure to include both freshwater and saltwater algae eaters to cover each possible setup.

My only rule when creating this post was to only list fish and invertebrates that I’ve personally seen doing the job in either mine or a friend’s aquarium.

Visit the link to check out some options proven to work if you’re currently dealing with a hair algae outbreak.

#3 12 Small & Big Freshwater Pet Sharks for Home Fish Tanks

freshwater sharks
Having shark-resembling freshwater fish in your home aquarium is a whole new level of coolness.

There are many hobbyists that actually try to achieve a “shark tank” look.

These fish are not actual sharks but resemble them by appearance and behavior.

They are all lonely, semi-aggressive bottom dwellers that will claim territories in the fish tank and defend it viciously.

You can also have just one such shark look-alike in your freshwater aquarium as a centerpiece fish and build the biotope around it. It’s a new degree of cool nonetheless.

#4 Tank Mate List of 32 Fish That Will Get Along With Your Betta

fish that get along with betta

The other name of Betta fish is Siamese Fighting fish and for a reason. Most of them (though not all) would glare and try to fight each other to the death.

Logically, the question of whether Bettas get along with other fish arises.

The truth is that if you make your choice wisely and provide a good stress-reducing environment (lots of live plants) it can be done.

If you’ve ever wondered if your Betta fish would get along with other tank mates, visit the link and find some suitable options.

#5 15 Floating Plants for Aquariums

floating plants for a freshwater aquarium

Floating aquarium plants can definitely bring in some character into a home fish tank.

Aside from looking really cool and giving the sense of an underwater jungle, they have tons of benefits for the aquarium.

Floating plants suck excess nutrients really fast which helps with algae outbreaks.

They also provide shelter for baby fry and an interesting playground for shrimp.

The natural shade they create also helps with making fish such as Bettas feel more at home and reduce stress and aggression.

If you find value in any of these benefits then I strongly suggest that you click the link to learn some more.

My Personal Picks

There are some guides that I really enjoyed making and would’ve been happy to have around when I personally started years ago.

Each of the articles below goes quite in-depth on its relevant subject and I really tried to make them the best online source for that.

Because of the level of detail, these are often long-form posts so be prepared to bookmark them and read them repeatedly for a better understanding.

Here’s a selection of my personal favorite posts from the Aquanswers blog:

#1 Cloudy Aquarium Water: Why it Happens and How to Clear it?

how to clear cloudy water

Almost every fish keeper I know has faced the challenge of battling cloudy water in their aquarium at least once.

Unfortunatelly, there are a lot of reasons why the water in a fish tank can become this way.

On top of that, it’s different for saltwater and freshwater tanks.

If you’ve ever been there or want to just prevent it, I recommend giving this article a quick read.

2# Best LED Grow Lights for Explosive Aquarium Plant Growth & Color

best lights for planted tank

This is one of my guides that took me approximately a month to put together.

Having the right set of lighting requires knowledge of how photosynthesis works and what spectrum is needed to trigger that.

You also need to take into consideration the depth of your aquarium and how demanding the plant species would be.

It’s a whole science in itself and I had to make sure to assemble the best online resource available.

If you’re in the middle of your research on LED aquarium lighting and want to achieve explosive plant growth then this guide is for you.

Visit the link if you’re eager to learn.

#3 The Best Saltwater LED Aquarium Lighting for Corals

reef leds for corals

Many would agree with me if I say that looking after aquarium corals is even more difficult than looking after aquatic plants.

Marine corals are very sensitive and complicated organisms that require the hobbyist to pay extra attention and exercise vast knowledge.

Having the best lighting when keeping a reef is crucial, but in-depth research is needed.

My guide covers all there is you’d need to learn for that, and I’ve had positive feedback from both beginner and advanced reef keepers.

If you’re still on the look for a good set of LED lighting for your corals or you’re not sure yours is doing the work, I suggest giving this article a careful read.

#4 Best Aquarium Soil & Intert Substrates for a Planted Tank

planted tank substrates

The first time I wanted to create a beautiful high-tech planted tank I came across the need for a decent aquarium substrate.

Who would’ve thought there was so much to learn about substrates in general.

The time it took me to do my research back then (poor online sources and fat books) actually delayed the launch of my planted tank with more than a month…

I don’t want anyone losing that much of their precious time ever again, so I compiled a comprehensive guide on the best aquarium substrates for achieving a professional-looking planted aquarium.

If you think that’s a pipe-dream then I can assure you it’s pretty doable as long as you know what you’re doing from the start.

Click the link to learn what you’ll need to know before starting a contest-worthy aquarium with vigorous live plants.

Your Feedback is Appreciated

Obviously, the best part of having an aquarium blog is seeing that I’ve actually helped someone.

If you’ve found value in any of my work, then do go on and share what helped you with others you think it may be useful for.

Share whatever made an impression in you over social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

This will really make me happy and it will help with growing the blog, which in turn justifies its existence.

And, of course, don’t forget that I’m always scouting the comment sections for your questions, where I am able to provide additional help and tips.

Happy fish keeping from Aquanswers!